Chevy Leading Industry in Subcompact Car Sales

Who knew that small cars could make such a big splash in the car industry? As one of the most important segments out there, the subcompact class is the key to making your brand a household name, especially now that consumers are all about fuel efficiency. It’s really no surprise then, that Chevrolet is outselling Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Hyundai in this incredibly important segment, presenting year-over-year subcompact car sales gains.

subcompact car sales

The 2014 Chevy sonic is one of the great offerings by Chevy in the subcompact car market

With the Spark and the Sonic, Chevrolet has left some extremely big shoes to fill in the subcompact class, raising the bar for its competitors. In the past year alone, the Spark has seen sales gains of 28%, selling 18,591 vehicles in the past five months alone, while the Sonic has sold 40,672 cars, increasing its sales 8%.  And really, it’s not difficult to see why.

subcompact car sales

2014 Chevy Spark

Both cars offer features that go above and beyond their competitors, with technology, such as Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system with Siri. They also offer something for very particular, popular consumer groups. The Spark is the perfect car for an urban commuter, while the slightly larger Sonic offers a bit more luxury for those looking to get to work without having to worry about stopping at the gas tank frequently.

Joining these two tiny cars this year will be the Chevy Trax, which will offer a bit of both worlds for Chevy lovers. To see why Chevrolet is leading the subcompact car class, stop by Suski Chevy today and give our small cars a test drive!

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