Chevrolet Sponsors Manchester United

General Motors has announced that Chevrolet will adorn the trademark red jersey of the British Soccer Club, Manchester United.

A Chevrolet logo of some kind will grace the front of Manchester United’s uniforms during the 2014-15 season, and will only the fifth company in the soccer club’s 134-year history to do so.  Previous sponsorships included: AIG, Vodafone and Sharp Electronics.

GM has already sponsored the team for a short time and Manchester United is already seeing the benefits. “This is a fantastic, long-term deal for the club. We have been partners with Chevrolet for only six weeks, but already they have produced some fantastic ideas that will benefit both the partnership and our 659m followers around the world,” said Manchester United commercial director, Richard Arnold.

The relationship does appear to be mutual beneficial, as GM is gaining a lot from the globally recognized club.

“We are extremely proud to connect our brand, Chevrolet, with Manchester United and its passionate supporters all around the world,” said Alan Batey, General Motors’ North America Vice President, US Sales and Service.  “Manchester United’s statistics are impressive, but this relationship goes far beyond the numbers – this relationship is about connecting our brand with the deep-seated emotion that surrounds the team everywhere it goes.”

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