Chevrolet Bought Carbon Credits Then Threw Them Away

Chevrolet is buying stuff just to throw it away. At first, this might sound a little crazy but when you understand the brand is essentially buying pollution, it makes perfect sense. Let us explain.

Each carbon credit allows an institution or business to release a certain amount of carbon dioxide into the environment. These credits can be sold if the business doesn’t need to use them.

Chevrolet placed a huge order for carbon credits, purchasing the equivalent of $5 million-worth from various colleges and universities around the country. Then, for the sake of the environment, Chevrolet just throws these credits away.

Stevens Point Journal explains that the purchase “benefits the climate because carbon credits are retired rather than used to offset the emissions of Chevrolet vehicles or operations.”

Chevrolet bought carbon credits to prevent at least 8 million metric tons of carbon from wreaking havoc on the environment. As Stevens Point Journal pointed out, this is as much carbon dioxide as a forest the size of Yosemite would eat up.

We here at Suski Chevrolet are happy to see our business partner making such a positive impact on the environment!

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