Chevrolet FNR Concept: Techs Featured “Only In Science Fiction”

One look at the Chevrolet FNR concept and you’ll think GM engineers consulted a crystal ball to get the plans for its design. The FNR was revealed recently at the Shanghai Auto Show and, to say the least, the futuristic concept stole the show.

What’s most immediately striking about the FNR is what GM calls its “capsule design.” The doors open up to look like dragonfly wings. Naturally, the concept has also got laser headlights and taillights. Arguably the most interesting feature, however, is the how the Chevrolet FNR concept gets its electric charge.  It happens wirelessly!

Forget your keys? Don’t worry. The FNR uses iris recognition. Can’t see or tired of driving? The FNR has got radar mounted on its roof that can “map out the environment to enable driverless operation,” according to a press release from GM. When the driver wants to take control again, a mere gesture will give over manual control.

The Chevrolet FNR is sure to prevent a lot of neck injuries too! No more twisting your neck to talk to the backseat passengers. The FNR’s front seats swivel 180 degrees during autonomous mode.

See, we here at Suski Chevrolet told you this was a thing of the future.

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