How Is Trade-In Value Determined?

When out shopping for a new car, many owners wonder what their current car will be valued at by the dealership if they decide to trade it in. This is an important question and factors into what potential car owners decide to look at and what cars they think they can afford. If you’re considering this question, here’s some insight into how trade-in value is determined from us at Suski Chevrolet Buick.

To determine the trade-in value of your car, dealerships will typically take into consideration things such as the vehicle’s condition and age, its appearance and general upkeep, how well-maintained the vehicle’s parts are, and the dealership’s inventory. In addition, they will consider if the car is likely to sell based on what their typical customer base is.

Throughout the trade-in process, we recommend following a couple general guidelines. First, use online resources and tools to get a general estimate of what a dealership should offer you for it before heading into the dealership, which will evaluate your car and appraise the car’s trade-in value.

Secondly, rather than getting an appraisal when you are about to purchase a car, get one earlier from a dealership or from other used cars dealers that offer them. If you are unhappy with the appraisal, you can then get it appraised at another place to get a second option.

Remember, you can always negotiate the trade-in value. You can also look at promotions and offers at different dealerships to make sure you get the best possible trade-in value for your car. Although trade-in value depends a lot on the car itself, you can be smart and patient to make sure you get the best value, as well as be aware that each dealership will be taking particular considerations into account while appraising it.

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