Chevy Centennial Event Showcases Next-Generation Silverado

Just this December, Chevrolet hosted an event celebrating Chevy Trucks’ centennial and 100 years of great trucks. Many of the event’s attendees were Chevy Truck Legends members, who have to meet certain criteria to become part of this exclusive club. The event was meant to both recognize loyal Chevy owners as well as reveal the all-new next-generation Chevrolet Silverado.

The 2019 Silverado is redesigned from every angle, from design to performance. Incorporating feedback from more than 7,000 people on what they wanted to see in the next generation of Silverados, Chevrolet listened to their customers to provide the best possible truck across the board.

The new Silverado includes a higher-grade alloy for its high-strength-steel bed floor, making the Silverado even stronger while also making it lighter. At the front line of innovative truck technologies, Chevrolet also offers a wide range of features on the new Silverado, from powerful transmission/engine combinations to advanced off-roading and towing capabilities. There really is something for everyone, and Chevrolet just expanded the range of Silverado models available.

Looking to join the legion of proud Chevrolet owners? The 2019 Silverado will be released in January. Visit us at Suski Chevrolet Buick to explore your options and learn more about what the new Silverado can offer you.

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