13-Year-Old Son Sells Video Games to Get Mom a 1999 Chevy Metro

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For many people, owning a car is necessary to make a living. Chevy and GM-brand models are particularly reliable, which makes them not only affordable buys, but also smart investments in daily transportation. In fact, one 13-year-old recently sacrificed his gaming lifestyle to work and earn money to help his mom purchase a 1999 Chevy Metro—a story that’s making headlines on various social media platforms.

According to The News Wheel, William Rabillo wanted to do something nice for his mom, so he reached out to a seller on Facebook Marketplace to purchase a 1999 Chevy Metro. While Rabillo didn’t have nearly enough money to buy the car, he instead offered his Xbox and lawn-mowing income to get the car.

With two other children in the family and three dogs, the family can use the Metro, even if it is slightly outdated compared to modern vehicles. This feel-good story has received quite a lot of attention, showing a caring son giving up those things that matter most to him — his fun and free time — to help a mom in need.

Even if you’re not in the market for a 1999 Metro, there are a still a range of affordable Chevy vehicles and special financing options. Vehicles like the Sonic, Spark, and Cruze start at prices under $20,000, offering incredible durability, city-friendly driving dynamics, and safety technology for a great price.

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