The Three Funniest Chevrolet Commercials

Three Funniest Chevrolet Commercials | Birch Run, MI

The unbeatable quality of Chevrolet means their cars basically sell themselves, but putting out a hilarious commercial to spread the good word never hurts. Here is what we consider to be the three funniest Chevrolet commercials of all time. Take a look, and let us know if you agree.

  1. “Happy Grad”

Aired originally in 2012, “Happy Grad” tells the harrowing story of a graduate at the cusp of manhood, buoyed by false promises, and about to encounter one of the first of life’s major disappointments. There’s epic love, family drama, male companionship — what more could you ask for from a 60-second TV spot?

  1. “Bumblebee”

This 2011 ad might terrify you. At the very least, it will prompt you to reflect on how everything you hold dear, everything you think you know about the nature of reality, can be ripped asunder by an angry transforming robot in a single moment. Watch “Bumblebee” now, but only if you dare.

  1. “End of the World”

Chevrolet forever immortalized the Mayan Apocalypse Panic of 2012 with this unforgettable video-eulogy for Dave, Ford Driver and Friend. Dave was a great man, well-loved by his friends, but he made a fatal mistake — not choosing a tough, reliable Chevy when the Apocalypse was upon us. Feel free to watch “End of the World” at your leisure, but may we gently suggest doing so with a box of tissues handy. You may find yourself shedding a few tears for our dear yet foolish Dave.

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