Halloween Driving Safety Tips

Halloween Driving Safety Tips | Birch Run, MI

As Halloween creeps up on us, keep these trick-or-treat safety tips in mind.

Slow down

Drive slowly and carefully in areas that will be rife with trick-or-treaters, such as neighborhoods and apartment complexes. Kids may not think twice before skipping across the road to get to the next house of goodies. Since kids will be focused on the festivities, you can expect young children to forget about road safety rules.

Don’t pass other vehicles

Unless you’re in the middle of an emergency, don’t pass other drivers. Parents will be delivering their little ghouls and goblins all over the neighborhood to get treats. Therefore, you should treat every vehicle as if it’s a school bus. There could be a child running to or from the vehicle at any second.

Use your signals

We should all be signaling other drivers when we’re on the road, but this safe habit is especially important during Halloween festivities. Use your flashers if you’re dropping off the kids somewhere and always use your turn signals. These little safety tips are crucial during a holiday that puts young pedestrians on the street.

Put away the phone

Most states have laws banning the use of cellphones while driving, but it’s especially critical to remain attentive and undistracted during trick-or-treat time. A little extra caution can help everyone have a safe and happy holiday.

At Suski Chevrolet Buick, we’re excited to celebrate Halloween with our local community.

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