Transform Your Truck Bed for Summer Fun

Chevrolet Colorado | Birch Run, MI

Try something new this summer by using your imagination to transform your truck bed. Here are three ideas of how you can spend some time in the bed of your Chevy Silverado or Chevy Colorado for some fresh family fun.

Truck Bed Movie Night

Recreate the thrill of a vintage drive-in movie theater from the bed of your truck. All you need is a laptop or tablet. To posh the experience up, use an air mattress and soft sheet to keep everyone comfortable. You can even mimic the feeling of the big screen by draping a white sheet against your garage door or the side of your house and using a projector. 

Truck Bed Picnic

Try the latest outdoor restaurant — in your driveway! You can turn your truck into a picnic area by grabbing some pillows and picnic blanket and laying them out in your truck bed. Cook some classic picnic treats or resort to your favorite meals, and you can enjoy the special experience of eating outdoors without having to break the bank.  

Truck Bed Camping

Your truck was built for road trips and off-road camping adventures, so be sure to take advantage of its capabilities. Pack up and head on over to Wesleyan Woods, Just-In-Time Campground, or Linwood Beach Marina & Campground to start your truck bed camping adventures.

The versatility of Chevy trucks will help you make lasting memories with your family, whether you are exploring new lands or soaking in the sun in your driveway. If you’re looking for the perfect family vehicle for outdoor adventures, check out our Silverado and Colorado inventory at Suski Chevrolet Buick in Birch Run, MI.


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