3 Tips to Stay Safe on Winter Drives

Chevrolet Lineup Winter | Birch Run, MI

Here in Birch Run, Michigan, the colder months bring slick roads and substantial snowfall. And frigid temperatures dominate from January through late March. We’ve rounded up some tips to stay safe on winter drives this season.

Drive cautiously on messy roads

In snowy and icy conditions, make sure to brake gently and take turns slowly to avoid wheelspin and skidding. And allow for extra time when commuting during inclement weather to allow for any delays due to the snowfall and/or any potential accidents on your route.

Pack a winter emergency kit

Keep a winter emergency kit stashed in your vehicle so you’ll be prepared if your ride breaks down in cold weather conditions. This kit should include the following items: flashlight, blankets, warm clothes, jumper cables, nonperishable snacks, battery-operated radio, shovel, and tow rope. A state map is another helpful tool in case you get stranded and can’t get cell reception to access nearby detours via your favorite navigation app.

Stay up to date on vehicle maintenance

A dead battery, broken wiper blades, improper tire inflation, and depleted reserves of antifreeze and window-washer fluid can be hazardous when you’re driving in winter. If it’s been a while since you serviced your vehicle, call us at Suski Chevrolet Buick to schedule a maintenance appointment. We’ll help make sure your ride is in tip-top shape so you can enjoy safe winter drives without worrying about car mishaps. 

Contact us here at Suski Chevrolet Buick for any vehicular needs you have this winter in Birch Run. Whether you’re staying close to home or venturing beyond the Michigan border, we’re here to help you travel safely and more confidently in your Chevy or Buick.

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