Suski Chevrolet Celebrates Students at Birch Run Schools

Suski Chevrolet sponsers Birch run pizza party

Birch Run honor students enjoy pizza party sponsered by Suski Chevrolet

The grades are in and another Trimester has passed this year at Birch Run Schools. Many students were hard at work and devoted to improving their grades this Trimester. To celebrate the students’ hard work and dedication, Suski Chevrolet and Buick hosted their second Trimester Progressive Honor Roll Pizza Party.

At Birch Run schools pizza party, Suski honored all Guided Academic/At Risk passing students who were able to bring up their grades from the previous semester. The event was a success. Over 63% Guided Academic students saw a rise in their grades and were invited to the pizza party.

Suski Chevrolet gives a round of applause to all of the 34 students who passed and were able to improve their grade this Trimester. They would also like to thank everyone who encouraged these students to work hard and not give up on academics. Suski enjoyed sponsoring their second Trimester Progressive Honor Roll Pizza Party and looks forward to more success and hard work in the future!

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