Practice Safe Driving With Soothing Music

As the population continues to grow, traffic is not getting any easier. Time is not slowing down either. With seemingly more things to do than ever, it is difficult to stay calm and alert while driving in traffic. New technologies and music can make for great distractions. Recently, a study came out showing how different tunes can affect drivers.

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Soothing Music Promotes Safe Driving

Recently, Dutch and American researchers used test subjects from Stanford University to see how music played in the car could affect drivers. Tests were done to see if music could promote safer driving in high-stress situations over loud upbeat music. On August 30, 2013, the study was published in the journal Ergonomics titled, “Using Music to Change Mood While Driving.”

The study group was composed of 28 volunteers (14 men and 14 women). While being tested, driving stimulators were used to create stress among drivers in different road conditions while listening to different types of music. A wide range of musical genres were used throughout the tests including everything from classical to popular, mild to wild, both with and without lyrics.

After assessing results, the study showed that drivers who listened to softer soothing music were less stressed and less likely to make mistakes. In general these drivers were less likely to speed, swerve across lanes and cause accidents than when they were listening to louder and peppier tunes.

Suski Chevrolet and Buick, in Birch Run, MI, is always promoting safe driving habits. We have written this blog to help promote awareness that “intelligent and soothing music systems” can create for a safer driving environment.

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