Winter Driving Tips and Suski Chevrolet and Buick Dealership Service Discounts

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If you are like me, winter is not your favorite season to be driving around Michigan. Creating some of the most hazardous weather conditions, winter causes a lot of car accidents in MI each year. Detroit, MI was recently ranked as the 9th snowiest city in the US, receiving around 42.7 inches per year on average.  What does this mean for Michigan drivers? It means that drivers must take extra precautions when navigating through hazardous weather conditions. Our local Birch Run Suski Chevrolet and Buick Dealership in Birch Run, MI wants to provide you with driving safety tips a long with our special short time only Winter Service Special Coupons (valid until January 1, 2014).

  1. Stick to the route you know best: after or before a large storm, it is a good idea to check the web for current weather conditions/traffic before you leave for your daily commute. This way you can avoid accidents and if you get stuck, describe exactly where you are. If you happen to lose power, best practice is to always have a map.
  2. Pack a winter travel safety bag: An extra phone, charged phone battery, heavy blankets, Advil, flashlight, matches, portable radio, first aid kit, and even a map can help you in the worst unexpected situations.
  3. Slow down and make sure your lights are turned on: make sure this winter you leave plenty of time and are not in a rush. A good rule to follow is keep your lights on while driving and reduce speed by 50% in hazardous weather conditions.
  4. Keep a full tank of gas: this helps your car start in cold weather and protects you during any unexpected traffic jams.
  5. Lighten up your grip: make sure to keep a loose grip on your steering wheel for quick turns.
  6. Schedule a car maintenance checkup: you will want to make sure your spark plugs are new, your battery is strong, lights are working properly and there are no cracks in your timing belt. Check out some of our Suski Chevy and Buick automotive monthly winter car service specials and see how you can save!
  • Owner’s Choice: $10 Parts and Labor exceeding $100.
  • Toys for Tots: Donate one new, unwrapped toy & receive $10 off your next service!
  • Battery Diagnostic: FREE complimentary batter inspection plus $5 off new battery.

Of course if you can, the best tip of all is to avoid driving during any hazardous weather conditions.

The best tip of all is to avoid driving in hazardous weather conditions as often as possible. Check out our Chevrolet and Buick website for even more great holiday deals and specials!

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