Suski Chevrolet Father’s Day Photo Contest

Father’s Day Photo Contest

Suski Chevrolet – Father’s Day Photo Contest

Father’s Day will be here sooner than you think. It seems to happen to people every year even though we’ve known it was going to be the second Sunday in June for quite some time it still sneaks up on them. If you’re in this category of person of course you still have time to get him a gift or make dinner plans. However, we here at Suski Chevrolet have something even more fun… a game of chance we like to call the Suski Father’s Day Photo Contest.

Here’s what you need to know about it in 6 easy to remember bullets:

  1. It is a Facebook contest exclusively for our Facebook fans
  2. You’ll just need a picture of you and your dad and a way to upload it
  3. The prize is a $50 Pizzeria Uno gift card – in other words a lot of deep dish pizza!
  4. It is running the entire month of June

Now that you know all about it there is no excuse not to enter. We’ll even help you with the planning. On father’s Day, take a really nice picture with your dad and tell him that you’re getting him an opportunity to win a $50 Pizzeria Uno gift card; we’re sure he’ll be thrilled. Then enter the contest using said picture and hope you’re the lucky winner.

Since you’re not guaranteed to win though, you might want to have a backup plan. So check out our service and parts specials at Suski Chevrolet just in case.

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