AutoPacific’s 18th Annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

AutoPacific’s 18th annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

The 2014 Impala, 2014 Sonic, 2014 Corvette and 2014 Camaro have two things in common: They are all amazing Chevrolet vehicles available at Suski Chevrolet and they are all the most driver-satisfying cars in their respective classes according to AutoPacific’s 18th Annual Vehicle Satisfaction Awards.

“AutoPacific’s Vehicle Satisfaction Awards help vehicle buyers sort through an increasingly complicated selection of brands and models. For the 2014 model year, there are 274 models and 32 brands from which to choose a new vehicle. The VSA clearly shows the buyers which vehicles are at the top of the class they are considering,” George Peterson, president of AutoPacific, said in a press release.

There are 48 categories included in the customer survey and two of the most important ask about interior comfort and fuel economy. All the questions asked by AutoPacific were aimed at finding out precisely how satisfied owners are with their new vehicle. To help classify each vehicle so that competitive brands were actually compared directly the vehicles were put into classes. Chevy took home the prize for Large Car, Economy Car, Sports Car and Sporty Car. Some of the most popular classes there are!

If you want to see what makes these Chevy cars so satisfying to own, come into the show room or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the 2014 Impala, 2014 Sonic, 2014 Corvette or 2014 Camaro that’s right for you.

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