Suski Chevrolet Jingle Contest

“When You Say Suski… It Means Chevy or Buick!” Chances are if you’ve been a Birch Run, MI resident at any time during the last 33 years, you’ve heard that jingle. Well after all these years we’ve decided it is finally time to get a new Suski Chevrolet jingle.

There are many ways we could go about getting a new jingle. We could write it, we could hire someone who has done jingle writing before, or we could have our favorite people, our customers, come into the dealership for their chance to win $1,000 by coming up with a new jingle for us. Lucky you, we chose option 3 in case you didn’t watch the video above.

While you’ll need to come in and see us for full details about this contest, the Suski Chevrolet recording booth is waiting for you or your whole choir, boy band, rap posse, or whatever. Okay maybe not whatever, but you know what we mean. So get in your Chevy or Buick and drive on up to Birch Run exit of I-75, we’ll be standing by waiting to hear the new Suski Chevrolet jingle at least until Sept. 30 when the contest ends!

“Suski Chevy Buick, Right On the Price… Right on the Freeway.”

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