The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro’s Updates Include 70 Percent Unique Parts

Chevrolet has announced that the all-new, sixth-generation Camaro will make its official debut on May 16th, but remains hush-hush about additional details. One thing Chevrolet is saying: The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro’s updates will be plenty – in fact, at least 70% of its parts will be completely unique to the new Camaro.

GM says that only two parts will remain from the Camaro’s fifth-generation predecessor – the bowtie emblem on the tail lamp panel and the SS badge. The rest of the iconic sports car will be new, from the spoiler to the grille.

The sixth generation Camaro was designed to compete with premium European brands, and uses GM’s award-winning Alpha architecture. According to a recent news release, a balance of mass and stiffness allows the Alpha foundation to provide outstanding driving dynamics and refinement.

“Alpha provided a strong foundation, but more than 70 percent of the components are unique to the Gen 6 Camaro, including exterior and interior dimensions, an all-new interior, front and rear suspension, and powertrain components,” Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president, Global Product Development said. “The minute you see – and hear – the Gen 6, you know it’s a Camaro, from the stance to the driving experience to the sound of the Small Block V-8.”

Here at Suski Chevrolet, we’ll be keeping an ear out for more details. Check back often as the Camaro’s big reveal gets closer!

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