Another Chevy Volt Price Drop Makes the EV More Affordable Than Ever

Chevy Volt Price Drop

2016 Chevrolet Volt

If you’ve been considering a new, more environmentally friendly car model – particularly the Chevy Volt – now is a better time than ever. Chevrolet just announced that they’re slashing the price on the Volt, yet again, by $1,175.

This is in addition to the price cut that the Volt received in August 2013, when the price was reduced by an entire $3,000. Plus – the 2016 Volt is packed with the latest tech and offers the most electric miles yet.

And don’t forget that, depending on where you live, there are serious federal tax credits as well as state tax credits that can make the Volt an even more affordable option.

With the 2016 Volt, drivers can travel for up to 50 miles on electricity alone, with a backup gas tank for peace of mind. As far as fueling, Chevy says that thrifty drivers will be able to go upwards of 1,000 miles in between gas stations.

The Chevy Volt price drop is hard to believe, especially when you consider all that the model has to offer. What do you think? Let Suski Chevrolet Buick know in the comments.

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