Decorating Your Car for a Trunk or Treat

decorating your car for a trunk or treat

Within the past decade, an alternative to the traditional door-to-door trick or treating has been popping up in communities across the country. This trend is called trunk or treat. With this type of Halloween event, participants all park together, open their trunks, which should be decorated, and kids go from car to car to get their Halloween treats.

This may seem strange if you’ve never heard of it, but it is a great alternative for families who live in unsafe neighborhoods or even for rural communities where the houses are too far apart to walk. Trunk or treat events are frequently hosted by churches, schools, and other community organizations.

If you’re planning on attending a trunk or treat event, you need to come up with a costume for your car. Here are a few tips on decorating your car for a trunk or treat:

  • Avoid scary decorations. While Halloween is all about spooky things, avoid decorations that are overly scary (blood, gore, life-like monsters, etc.). These events are usually geared towards younger children, who will likely avoid your car if it’s too scary.
  • Have a theme. Don’t just toss random Halloween decorations into your trunk. Come up with a theme, like your favorite movie, and decorate your car appropriate. It’s even better if your theme includes a costume for yourself.
  • Include an activity. Make your stop a bit more interactive by including an activity the kids can do before they get their candy. This could be as simple as picking a question out of a bowl and answering it (What’s your favorite movie? Do you have any pets? Etc.). Or, you could see who can build the tallest tower from a pile of blocks.

If you need inspiration for some trunk or treat ideas, you’ll find more than you’ll ever need online. Will you be attending a trunk or treat this year? Share with us where you will be attending and your ideas!

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