Chevrolet is Committed to Reducing their Carbon Footprint

11354366835_1abbd48a54_zThrough a series of new eco-initiatives dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, Chevrolet is proving itself to be an industry leader in making the environment cleaner and greener.

Chevy plans to invest up to $40 million in a variety of green projects over the course of the next few years; all together, this will help save the world from up to 8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. How does this translate to reality? Well, it’d be like Chevrolet planting a brand new forest the size of Yellowstone!

This isn’t the only way Chevy plans on reducing their carbon footprint. The automotive giant will also be joining up with colleges and public schools across the country to bolster their investments in clean and efficient energy projects on campus through Chevrolet’s Campus Clean Energy Campaign. This initiative will include funding for LEED certified builders and decreased electricity emissions.

Today, Chevy is already nearing in on its 8-million-metric-tons goal, having already reduced 5,242,474 metric tons.

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