Chevy adds TuneIn app to new Spark

The Chevy Spark, new to the US in 2013, is already being hailed as a thrifty and city-smart car. Recently, Chevy announced that the Spark is destined to be “equipped for fun” as well.

The car’s high-tech MyLink audio system will be compatible with the increasingly popular internet radio service, “TuneIn.” Spark drivers can download the free mobile app, then gain access to audio programming from nearly 70,000 stations located around the world.

“The TuneIn app for MyLink gives Spark buyers a truly global, personalized infotainment solution,” said Sara LeBlanc, global program manager for Chevrolet and General Motors infotainment. “Soon, Spark buyers around the world will have the ability to listen to electronic music from Europe, a talk show in Africa or classic rock in L.A., all controlled through the car radio. For our customers, it gives a whole new meaning to the question, ‘What in the world are you listening to?’ ”

The Spark’s entertainment system also connects to Pandora, Sirus XM radio, and Bluetooth-equipped smartphones.

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