Chevy Celebrates Leap Day with #DayItForward Campaign

Occurring only once every four years, Leap Day is an unusual event—after all, it’s not a normal thing to suddenly have an entire extra day in the month of February. For Leap Day 2016, Chevrolet decided to take advantage of the occasion and encourage employees and customers alike to participate in the #DayItForward campaign on social media websites. The campaign focused on performing little acts of kindness to make Leap Day a brighter and better day for as many people as possible.

The brand itself worked together with the communities surrounding local dealerships to celebrate and uplift residents in the area. At Clovis West High School in California, a beloved teacher’s aide was gifted a new Chevy Malibu at an assembly hosted in her honor by former students and members of the community. In Detroit, a nine-year-old philanthropist who goes by the name of “Super Ewan” teamed up with Chevrolet to deliver food to those in need, and in Kansas, Chevrolet worked together with a second grade teacher to create 3D models of his students’ self-designed dream cars.

Other notable individuals to join in the movement included Kevin Spacey, who provided a performing arts grant to aspiring actor Diontae Simpson, and Eva Longoria, who took the opportunity to honor longtime friend Elvia Barboa for her contributions to the medical field and caring for children diagnosed with cancer.

All people were invited to participate in the #DayItForward campaign, with many contributors taking to social networking websites such as Instagram and Twitter to make use of the #DayItForward hashtag. Chevrolet even made a separate page for the campaign that shared the hashtag’s highlights to further spotlight and celebrate the kind efforts of individuals on Leap Day, and worked hand-in-hand with Twitter to even create a custom emoji for the event.

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