Gas Saving Tips

Gas Saving Tips

When you’re on the road, it can be annoying to see that little gas light flash on. Thankfully, we have some gas saving tips for you so you can save the environment and your wallet.

Stay the Speed Limit

The speed limit won’t only keep you from getting tickets, but it’ll save gas, too. While many people drive 5 or 10 miles over, staying at the speed limit will help you conserve fuel.

Proper PSI

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. The more air they lose, the more money you lose on gas. Keeping your tires inflated with a proper PSI means your tires will have less resistance with the road, and therefore will decrease your fuel consumption.

Easy on the Gas

The easier you are on the gas and brake pedals, the more gas you’ll save. Instead of hard braking and quick accelerating, try gradually accelerating from stop lights and anticipating stops.

Sweat it Out

While you may enjoy the luxury of air conditioning, turning it off can actually save you on fuel. Keeping the windows rolled up can have the same effect. So if you want to save money, sweat a little bit!

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