Thanksgiving Preparation Tips

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Whether you’re a veteran at this food and family centered season or a newbie, you can always use a little help. Here are some Thanksgiving preparation tips to get you ready for turkey day.


Check Your Turkey


If you bought a frozen turkey, that sucker is going to need some time to thaw out—days, even. Look at your turkey and your turkey recipe well ahead of time to determine how soon you need to get started on defrosting and brining.


Make a Schedule


For every recipe you’re planning to make, make a note of what kitchen tools you’ll need, how long it will cook, and at what temperature. Getting organized in this manner will help you plan out your schedule. A schedule can ensure that no oven time or pan usage will be double booked.


Have a Pre-Thanksgiving Cooking Party


Once you have a schedule for the cooking on Thanksgiving Day, you might feel a little overwhelmed. How will you peel potatoes, baste the turkey, and cut butter for a pie crust all at once? The good news is that with a little creativity, most Thanksgiving food items can be made ahead. Look at your schedule and decide which full dishes or which individual steps you’d like to do ahead of time.


While anything can be stored in the freezer or fridge, some are better fresh. Bread is nice fresh from the oven, but cranberry sauce is even better a couple days later. Chopping veggies or making your pie crust ahead of time can save stress and time on Thanksgiving Day.


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