Trick or Treat Safety Tips

21447242968_a5a7e5fdc3_zHalloween is just a few weeks away, which means it’s almost time to take the kids out for a little trick or treating. Whether you’re a kid or adult, trick or treat night brings a whole host of dangers, most of which are easily avoidable. Here are a few trick or treat safety tips from us here at Suski Chevrolet Buick.

  1. Supervise – There’s little need to say that all kids need to be supervised when trick or treating. Older kids that can go without supervision should stay in groups and stick to areas they’re familiar with. An adult should always accompany kids under the age of 12, even if they are in a group.
  2. Costumes – Kids and adults alike love to be creative, but creativity shouldn’t mean sacrificing safety. Keep your kids visible by adding glow sticks or flashlights so drivers can spot them in the dark. Make sure the costume fits to avoid any injuries from tripping and falling!
  3. Driving – Trick or treaters are just half of the equation. Drivers need to keep a sharp eye for any wandering kids. Check to see what the local trick-or-treating hours for your area and avoid driving during those hours if possible. If not, eliminate distractions and slow down.

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