First Chevy Bolt EVs Delivered to Customers

Chevy Bolt EV


The very first Chevy Bolt EVs were delivered to customers on December 13, and deliveries continued throughout the month, with 579 deliveries total in December. Reviews have been rolling in for the last month, and the Bolt is a huge hit with the few people who have received one so far.

The first three buyers to get the Bolt were all electric or hybrid drivers already—one replaced his BMW i3 with the new Bolt, another traded in his Toyota Prius, and the third had owned a Spark EV and the plug-in Volt.

Besides the 238-mile range of the Bolt that no other electric car besides the expensive Tesla has managed to match, customers appreciate the Bolt’s spacious interior, styling, and technology at an affordable price. The Bolt comes standard with electronic precision shift and a 10.2-inch color touchscreen, among other features.

First-drive reviews have cited that the Bolt is comfortable to drive, with spacious passenger seating, and that it lives up to its stated range. In fact, a Car and Driver review that called the Bolt “the best argument yet for the mass-market electric car” said that after 238 miles of driving the Bolt still had 34 miles of range left.

The Bolt EV will become available in major metropolitan areas throughout the first half of 2017, then at EV-certified dealerships across the US by mid-2017.

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