New 2017 Equinox Exterior Has Improved Aerodynamics

The Chevy Equinox aerodynamics are better than ever thanks to recent design upgrades. The exterior of this classic SUV has been reimagined to improve both performance and fuel economy, allowing for a quiet, fuel-efficient and capable ride. This all-new compact SUV is among the first of its kind to offer true functionality without sacrificing performance or gas mileage, and the aerodynamic contours are just the latest in a string of great additions.

According to Chevy, the new 2017 Equinox exterior has been reduced by 4.7 inches to cut weight and optimize maneuverability. Nevertheless, the interior volume was actually increased by 3.5 cubic feet, an engineering marvel that’s impressed many auto experts. So, the new Equinox is slightly smaller, but the interior volume has increased. Plus, the contours have been optimized to increase aerodynamics, now letting the Equinox get up to 32 highway mpg.*

“Working closely with the aerodynamics team, we were able to craft a final design that is the ultimate win-win scenario,” said Jeff Perkins, Equinox design manager. “Together we reached the aerodynamic goals intended to give the new Equinox an efficiency-enhancing edge on the highway with the sculpted look and cargo space we set out to achieve.”

Other great features include things like active grille shutters to improve air flow, while a larger rear spoiler improves down force when necessary. Want to test drive the new Chevy Equinox? Stop by Suski Automotive today.


*EPA estimates. Actual mileage may vary.

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