What Do My Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

Dashboard Warning Lights - Suski Chevrolet BuickAs in-car technology gets more and more advanced, it will be easier to tell what your car needs or when there is a problem. For now, we have dashboard warning lights to let us know what is wrong. However, these lights can sometimes be confusing. Here is a rundown on some of the most common warning lights and what they mean.

  • Check Engine. This is perhaps the most dreaded light. When this turns on, it could be something as simple as a missing gas cap to something much more catastrophic. After checking your gas cap, it is best to have the issue diagnosed by a professional.
  • Oil Pressure Warning. This light turns on to indicate a loss of oil pressure. Check your oil level immediately.
  • Traction Control. When this light turns on, it means your car is using its built-in traction control system and usually means the roads are slippery. It should turn off when your car gets its traction back.
  • Airbag. This light should turn on every time you start your car. However, if it stays on, there may be a fault in your airbag system.

If you have any dashboard warning lights illuminated in your car, come visit us at Suski Automotive and we can help get those sorted out for you.

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